About DTD

Have you ever lost everything you've had and felt you didn't have any idea of how to start to get things back to a point of stability?

If your answer was "yes" then I'm here to say that anything that you endure on the path toward your own greatness is temporary and should be seen as nothing more than a learning experience.

Let's flash back to July 2012 when I truly was at one of the lowest points in my life. Yes...I lost everything. By everything I mean everything, if it was tangible..you name it..then I lost it. From my vehicle all the way down to my relationship at the time. Luckily I snapped out of my dejection before reaching the point of no return. I swore to myself and those I love to never position us to have anything stripped from us again. From that instant DTD was born on the principal of going from "nothing to something" by taking control of all that you have to give the world and growing it into your own personal version of success and security. 

Today Dimes To Dollars operates as a independent goods company designed to fit entrepreneurs who have a keen sense of the culture with the motivational push to keep moving. At DTD our focus is fitting everyone turning their 5 to 9 into their 9 to 5 with the tools to do just that. Through hard work and perseverance we've positioned ourselves to do exactly what we originally set out to do. DTD is more than a brand, it's a mentality for those "WRKN" to get everything they deserve. 

Thank you all for believing in yourselves, 

- Tawaine Hall